TibiaTek Bot

TibiaTek Bot 2.3

TibiaTek Bot is an application that makes playing Tibia® easier

TibiaTek Bot is an application of the TibiaTek Projects family that makes playing Tibia® easier. It contains features such as: macros (auto eat, spell caster, fishing, cavebot), informative tools, fun tools, and a lot more.
It is written in Visual Basic .NET®.
Main Features :
- Fastest Auto Looter (8 items looted in 1 second)
- Scripting (VB .NET)
- Regular Expression Builder for Trade Channel Watcher
- .WPT File Support for Cavebot
- The TTB Tray Icon Menu can be found on the GUI
- Ammunition Maker
- Auto joining channels depending on your language
- Highlighting when your nick is mentioned in a channel

Open source
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